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the Source of Neck & Shoulder Pains

Neck/Shoulder Pain - UPPER Cross Syndrome
Nowadays, it is fairly easy to see people with rounded shoulders, forward neck, and abnormal kyphosis in upper back area. Formal name for these incorrect postures altogether is called Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS), which is caused usually by staying in "bad posture" during their daily routine activities such as work, study, sleeping, driving and so on. Postural problems such as UCS are becoming more evident every day especially in younger population due to the fast growing technology which predispose youth group to be more prone to overusing cell phone, computer, and others over doing physical activities.
Prolonged incorrect posture leads to dysfunctional length-tension relationship in the related muscle groups. UCS induced from imbalance between flexors and extensors of upper back (upper trapezius and levator scapula) and chest muscles (pectoralis major and minor). When chest muscles become tightened and upper back muscles become lengt…

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