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Springtime RENEW

With the sun shining and our clothes changing, its the time we realize how little effort we made over the winter months to improve ourselves, physically speaking!

WHAT is this all about?
Perception ? Reality?
Humans, like animals, experience shifts in their biochemistry with the seasons.  For instance sunlight and darkness release different hormones in your brain. With increased exposure to sunlight a hormone called serotonin – the "mood boosting hormone"- increases. Serotonin plays a role in bowel function, nausea control, sleep, blood clotting, bone health and sexual function.  Notably; Exercise stimulates production of serotonin! Darkness, on the other hand triggers the hormone -melatonin – a hormone that makes you feel sleepy. With the advances of the Spring season daylight is increased and therefore levels of melatonin decrease in order to maintain awakedness longer.  A reason why we feel more vigour and interest in being active longer.  Typically in colder climates such a…

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