Springtime Renewal - Too much cardio, not enough muscle work...

Its the Spring Time, and everyone feels the urge to get active in some form..

...whether its walking, cycling, running, or gardening.

WHAT have you been doing all winter?

The push to do long increments on a machine indoors is common over the winter time in Canada.  People work on cardiovascular training because they feel it is beneficial and helpful for their waistlines and endurance.

While these are all important, your muscular system is suffering.  WHY? Doing repetitive, one-dimensional movements for long periods of time does not build muscle. In fact, it precipitates its loss and consequential reduction in strength!

What happens when I lose strength? 

Well, all those activities you are itching to do outside will become that much harder once you strike out from your winter abode and start doing.  For instance, in running, something called ground reaction forces (GRF) causes straining in various parts of your legs and joints.  These GRF's can lead to serious injury. WHY? because the muscles are not strong enough to sustain the forces the ground outside provides.  

Another issue with strength loss is the fact for millions of us over 35 yrs that sarcopenia is a real factor.  Remember it happens naturally, but is very preventable. Loss of muscle size and therefore strength occurs over time, if not worked on appropriately and consistently.  Entering the Springtime may make you feel a little OLDER despite having hit the gym over winter.   Especially with those lifting projects, raking and shoveling.  Springtime is a good time to recover and invigourate those "lazy" muscles.  Try connecting with a professional who develops postural and strength programs to guide you forward.  Get a Functional Evaluation to see where you stand and go from there.

Enjoy the beautiful SPRING!

written by the team at BODiWORKS Institute


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