knee pain

I have pain in my knee when I....

...A common point of irritation and downright PAIN in the knee.

Why are the knees so painful when I move?

In a previous blog we spoke about sitting for long periods of time and the effect it has on the back an hips. Well, one other issue we have occurs when the knee alignment is effected.  What happens when we have many months or years at an occupation where sitting is the routine these imbalances move into the low back, into the hips and then migrate into the knees.  The knee is a 'hinge' joint and functions to extend the knee. While we sit, knees bent, it is being pulled on by those hip flexor muscles causing the knee cap (patella) to be in contact with something called the 'trochlear groove'. Allthough this a normal pattern of the knee cap, prolonged contact with misalignment due to imbalances creates wear and inflammation. This can create the pain you feel when walking up stairs or hiking.

Further assessment of knee pain will reveal torsion injuries, perhaps from previous activities or events. Torsion is a slight rotation of the 'tibia' bone below the knee joint (as part of the joint) which articulates (moves) in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction. Normally the ligaments, tendons and soft tissue handle this function with stability but weakness, imbalances and wearing activities create instability and therefore torsion injuries or more possible.

Knee Arthritis, which is prolonged, damaging inflammation of the knee will weaken it and leave it susceptible to damage from the arthritis.  Prolonged arthritis causes changes in the actual bones and joint creating a shifting in the bones, perhaps to point of being 'bone on bone' over time.

So, if we are to alleviate painful knees we need to know what we are dealing with. Many options are available as many reasons for knee pain exist!

At the BODiWORKS Institute we see many clients with prolonged knee pain. Often at the point of rehabilitation rather than prevention.  Our specialized approach to both prevention of knee problems and rehabilitation effectively makes a big difference in people's ability to function day to day and allow FREEDOM of movement.


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