Exercise for kids

Kids need exercise, its not controversial...

...we find that children of ALL ages require movement and activity to help their physical and mental function best.  Their capacity to do so relates to the following:
  • opportunity - how and where they can be active, who will take them, how safe is it, sports?
  • genetics - some kids in their development have 'advantages' that help their ability to be physical especially in sports, some have metabolic differences that stem partly from genetics and create more or less body fat vs muscle composition
  • interest - some kids through their own personality and parental support are able to remain focused on activity whereas others require 'armbending' to attend or do it
  • abilities - some kids have either or both cognitive and physical challenges that make a difference to what type and how much they do
...so what are kids doing instead?

Being sedentary.  Between travelling in the care sitting at school, TV, video and devices children and teens are spending too much time not moving around.

Believe it or not, all kids are not on devices.  Some play on sports teams, attend fitness and exercise sessions, hike, play outside, garden, work, run and bike regularly. 

This blog is reminder to start thinking about the general habits of our children and why mental and physical health problems are on the rise. What happening in your family?



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